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WebALT: Web Advanced Learning Technologies

European digital content for the global networks project,
Contract Number EDC-22253.

2007/03/26 WebALT Project ends With a successful final review and the publication of the final report, the WebALT project has officially ended. Software tools and content is now maintained by the spinoff company Oy WebALT.

WebALT Portal

The WebALT Portal, now online, is the preferred entry point to the results produced by the project. The Reader view allows to browse the resources, to view the documentation on multilingual exercises in mathematics, and to access sample materials.

The WebALT project aims at using existing standards for representing mathematics on the web and existing linguistic technologies to produce language-independent mathematical didactical material. The WebALT project will create software and sample content for an XML database of mathematical problems to be used in undergraduate university courses in mathematics. The technological solutions to be developed by the project can be directly applied to any middle and high school mathematics instruction.
Mathematics problems will originally be written in English with a number of additional XML tags which make it possible to generate versions of the problems in many languages. Initially the project will produce translations of the problems into Catalan, Dutch, Finnish and Spanish. The two year project started on January 1, 2005. The total cost of the project is estimated to be 2.5 million € (3.2 million US$). WebALT solutions will be commercially developed and marketed by WebALT Inc.
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