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2007/03/26 WebALT Project ends With a successful final review and the publication of the final report, the WebALT project has officially ended. Software tools and content is now maintained by the spinoff company Oy WebALT. 2006/12/05 Slide Presentations of WebALT-OEB The slides of the presentations delivered during the Second WebALT Workshop, that took place during Online Educa Berlin, last 29 November 2006, are now online at the proceedings site of the workshop. 2006/11/10 Call for Tenders - Testing WebALT GUI The WebALT project is looking for companies, institutes or private individuals to perform a usability study of WebALT materials at high schools and/or at universities. The expected outcome of the work is a report identifying deficiencies in the design of the WebALT graphical user interface and suggesting ways to address these deficiencies. The work must be concluded by the end of the current year. We invite all interested parties to make proposals regarding this work. Proposals must be sent by email to Dr. Olga Caprotti, WebALT Project Manager, to the address Olga.Caprotti at webalt.net, and must be received by November 21, 2006 to be considered. 2006/11/07 Aarne Ranta Presentation on WebALT The recent talk by Aarne Ranta, leader researcher of GF, The WebALT Project: Multilingual Generation of Teaching Material in Mathematics, delivered during the Workshop on Applications for Language Education and Assessment in Gothenburg, 27 October 2006, is now available online. 2006/11/04 WebALT 2006 Proceedings Finally Online The volume of the collected contributions of the First WebALT Conference and Exhibition has finally appeared with ISBN number number: ISBN 952-99666-0-1, Publisher Oy WebALT Inc. and edited by Mika Seppälä, Sebastian Xambó, Olga Caprotti. 2006/10/02 Call for tenders The WebALT project is looking for companies, institutes or private individuals to produce mathematical laboratories for calculus and/or geometry. These laboratories are applets or other similar programs which allow the users to practice and/or to experiment with mathematical results or objects. The work must be concluded by the end of the current year. Preference is given to laboratories which take benefit of the multilingual capabilities of the WebALT encoding. This multilingual enhancement can be developed in collaboration with the software engineers of the WebALT project. We invite all interested parties to make proposals regarding the production of mathematical laboratories. Proposals must be sent by email to Dr. Olga Caprotti, WebALT Project Manager, to the address Olga.Caprotti at webalt.net, and must be received by October 21, 2006 to be considered. 2007/01/05 WebALT in New Orleans WebALT will be present at the forthcoming Joint Mathematics Meetings in New Orleans with several activities between 5-7 January 2007. Check out the sessions on Teaching Mathematics Courses Online, on Maplets for Teaching and Learning Mathematics, and the Math on the Web Pavillion. More details on these events at our special page on the New Orleans meeting. 2006/06/14 WebALT Single Variable Calculus ranks high Today we have noticed that the online WebALT Single Variable Calculus by Mika Seppälä is climbing its way up in the search engines. It is 3rd in Google but 1st in MSN and Lycos. 2006/06/09 WebALT offering aid development programs Dr. Tapani Jussila is now in charge of the final product development of WebALT courses as well as with developing contacts to developmental aid programs. His appointment is new and jointly with the WebALT and the MATTIA projects and with Oy WebALT Inc. Dr. Jussila has extensive experience in developing computer aided mathematics education in developing countries. He has spent extensive periods in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nicaragua and other developing countries consulting developmental aid programs regarding mathematics education. Recently he gave a talk entitled “On the Selection of ICT and Multimedia Based Learning Content for Secondary Schools in a Developing Country” at the IST-Africa 2006 Conference. 2006/06/07 WebALT Maple T.A. problems for Finnish high-school New team members have joined WebALT and are working to create multilingual MapleTA problems to cover the Finnish high school curriculum. Marja-Leena Viljanen, an experienced high school teacher, is directing the work of the group. Team members are: Henna Komi, a graduate student already working for WebALT, Roope Mikonsaari, a colleague of Marja-Leena, and Ville Tilvis who is completing his studies for the Master’s Degree in Math. Education (a line of specialization at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics). Henna and Marja-Leena have been working with the project already earlier. Roope and Ville are new associates. 2006/05/22 WebALT Maplets on the way Doug Meade (University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina) and Phil Yasskin (Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas) are going to author a library of new WebALT Maplets intended to complement WebALT calculus materials for advanced placement courses at US high schools. They are already renowned authors of a collection of very high quality Maplets. Yasskin is a co-author of the popular WebCalc course at TAMU. Meade is the Director of Undergraduate Studies at USC. 2006/05/20 WebALT Presentation at the 2006 Canadian WebCT Conference Andreas Strotmann will be presenting the WebALT project in his talk Multilingual delivery of language-independent mathematics teaching materials during the the Fourth Annual Canadian WebCT E-Learning Conference at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada between June 19-22, 2006. 2006/05/19 WebALT goes to Africa Multilingual content development for eLearning in Africa is the title of the presentation that Wanjiku Ng'ang'a will deliver during the conference "eLearning Africa: 1st Pan-African Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training", taking place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia next week on May 24-26. Wanjiku will speak on Thursday, May 25, 2006, between 17:00-19:00, (LOC12. Conference Room 3) during the session on "Creating an Indigenous Sustainable Educational Content Industry in Africa". 2006/01/24 WebALT Presentation at ICTCM'2006 The WebALT presentation WEB ADVANCED LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES IN THE TEACHING OF CALCULUS (WEBALT) has been scheduled in the Calculus Session of the 18 ICTCM, Orlando, Florida, next March 18, 2006 from 4:30pm - 5:15pm. 2006/01/24 WebALT Blog on Online Course Experiences A new category of posts has been inaugurated today on the WebALT blog to collect the experiences on teaching online courses in mathematics. Currently involved in trying out new ways of delivering math classes are Mika Seppälä and Sebastian Xambó. 2006/01/17 WebALT Exhibition at SITE 2006 The poster and demonstration WebALT! Deliver Mathematics Everywhere will be part of the SITE 2006 conference and is scheduled to take place on Tue, Mar. 21 5:15 PM-7:15 PM in Room: 15. 2006/01/17 WALTER in Flash A flash presentation of the WebALT E-resources Repository WALTER is now available from these pages. The presentation is a walkthrough some of the functionalities currently available in the system and was first presented during the exhibition at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Antonio, January 2006. 2005/11/29 IGI Online Instantànies Geomètriques Interactives, Interactive Geometric Snapshots, is a collection of essential classical Euclidean plane geometry theorems powered by WIRIS and developed by Sebastian Xambo and Santiago Molina. It is now available in Catalan and the English translation will be shown during WebALT2006. With links to a glossary and other materials, it is a powerful concept-builder. Since the graphics are interactive, it provides a quick means of becoming familiar with the constructions and statements. The possibility of inspecting how the graphics have been defined provides another nice feature for those that like to know all the details. Users also strengthen their problem-solving capabilities, with a system of hints, solutions and proofs. 2005/11/18 WebALT team member defending today Wanjiku Ng'ang'a, member of the WebALT linguist team, is defending her Ph.D. thesis, " Word sense disambiguation of swahili", today in Auditorium XII of the Main Building of University of Helsinki at 10 am. 2005/11/14 WebALT presentation at EIAE 2005 The WebALT paper titled "Multilingual Technology for Teaching Mathematics" accepted for the International Conference on Engineering Education, Instructional Technology, Assessment, and E-learning (EIAE 2005). 2005/11/01 WebALT exhibition at the AMS 2006 meeting WebALT will be exhibiting the first release of the showcase in San Antonio, TX at the Joint Mathematics Meetings on January 12-15, 2006. The Grand Opening of the Joint Mathematics Meetings Exhibits will be on Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 12:15 p.m. Details on where to find us will come soon. 2005/10/03 WebALT Presentation Mika Seppälä presented the recent results of the WebALT project at the MatTaFi meeting in Espoo, Finland on 30 September 2005. The slides of the talk are available from our Results page and are partly in Finnish and partly in English. 2005/09/30 Calculus Lecture Notes Mika Seppälä's Single Variable Calculus lecture notes and solved exercise collection is now available through the MERLOT portal. 2005/09/07 WebALT 2006 CFP The Call for Papers, Posters, and Software Demonstrations for the WebALT 2006 Conference and Exhibition in Eindhoven, 05-06 January 2006, has been published. 2005/08/03 Welcome new personnel! Henna Komi has joined our team of mathematicians at the University of Helsinki starting 1 August 2005. Have a look Henna's beautiful 3D animations for teaching Calculus! 2005/07/11 WebALT presentation at IAMC 2005 Andreas Strotmann is talking about Multilingual Access to Mathematical Exercise Problems on July 24, at 11:00 during the ISSAC Workshop on Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation, Academia Sinica, Bejing, China. 2005/07/01 Welcome new personnel! Patrick Holz has joined our team in Cologne starting 1 July 2005. He will be working part-time on the project for the next 12 months. Patrick has recently received a Master's degree in Wirtschaftsinformatik (management of information systems/MIS) and will now pursue a dissertation in computer science, with a focus on grid computing and web services,. 2005/06/01 Established WebALT Advisory Council We are pleased to announce that Gaston Gonnet (ETH ZĂĽrich), Nicola Mrose (Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven), and Chris Sangwin (School of Mathematics and Statistics, Birmingham) have agreed to serve on the Advisory Council of WebALT. 2005/05/17 EPF Lausanne joins WebALT as a new Participant Dr. Semmler and Prof. Buser at EPF Lausanne have obtained funding from Swiss sources to support WebALT activities at EPFL. The EPFL group will, most likely, assume the responsibility of adding French vocabulary to the WebALT NLG. 2005/04/14 WebALT at m-ICTE2005 The abstract "Web Advanced Technologies for Assessment in Mathematics" has been accepted for presentation at m-ICTE2005 - 3rd International Conference on multimedia and Information & Communication Technologies in Education taking place in June 8-10th 2005, Caceres, Spain. 2005/04/13 WebALT Presentation Matti Pauna is giving a presentation of WebALT at the Finnish Computational Science Seminar on April 14, 2005, at 10:05, University of Jyväskylä. 2005/04/07 - WP1 Deliverables now available First public deliverables are now available online from the documents section of our web pages. Welcome new personnel! Anni Laine has joined our team of linguists at the University of Helsinki starting April 1st2005. WebALT Paper at ElPub The Chair of the Programme Committee of the 9th ICCC International Conference On Electronic Publishing – Elpub2005, has communicated to Andreas Strotmann the acceptance of his paper, co-authored with Mika Seppälä, entitled “Web Advanced Learning Technologies for Multilingual Mathematics Teaching Support” as part of the programme of the workshop "Electronic Publishing of Mathematics" which will be held on June 8, 2005. Welcome new personnel! Abel Pau, Bruno MartĂ­nez, Glòria Casanellas, VĂ­ctor Castro have joined our Spanish WebALT partner UPC, starting March 1st, 2005. WebALT Event Broadcast Live The WebALT technical meeting in Helsinki on 9 March 2005, at 10:00AM EET will be broadcast as streaming live event from http://hy-stream.it.helsinki.fi/live/. Open Technical WebALT Seminar An open technical seminar on e-learning tools for WebALT will take place in Helsinki on Wednesday March 9, 2005. Guest speakers are Chris Sangwin and Andre Heck. WebALT Presentation Mika Seppälä will present the WebALT project at the 10th Annual VSU Mathematics Technology Conference, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, Georgia on Friday February 25, 2005, 14:00 - 16:00. WebALT Presentation Matti Pauna will present WebALT during a MatTa Computer aided mathematics teaching meeting at the University of Helsinki on 11 February 2005. Welcome new personnel! Karin Poels and Rikko Verrijzer have joined the WebALT project team of our Dutch partner TU/e starting February 1st, 2005. Wanjiku Nganga joins the linguist WebALT team of UH.DL in Helsinki also starting February 1st, 2005. WebALT project starts! Kick-off WebALT technical meeting in Luxembourg on Jan. 24-26 as part of the collective eContent kick-off meeting organized by the European Commission. Welcome new personnel! Matti Pauna, Juha Nurmonen, Jouni Karhima, Juliette Kennedy, Olli Martio, Marja-Leena Viljanen join the WebALT team at UH in Helsinki starting on January 1st, 2005.

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